Sheep Visitors

Before reading anything about the new update, I had just started a new game, and found the sheep! I didn’t know that there isn’t much to do with them yet, so I had my farmer go “talk” to one. Now, sheep keep coming into my house and sitting in my chair, at my table. Mostly just 2 of them (it is possible I talked to 2 sheep, not just one, i don’t remember). I don’t know if this behavior happens just because I talked to them, or if it is common for sheep to come in and make themselves at home. I find it strange but charming. I immediately went looking for fences or something, then went out and read the information about the patch/update. Thank you for sheep!


Hi Frecklefrog,

The sheep can be fun :slight_smile:

Talking doesn’t make any difference at the moment and they seem very at home inside…

Mainly just a development thing and seeing how they react in the game for now.

If you get any funny scenes, post them, as its good to see how they react for different players :upside_down_face:

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The sheep idea isn’t bad, but them siting in the chairs gets irritating when your settlers wander about look for a chair to sit on to eat. They are kinder cute though. It would be nice though if you could stop them from using the chair, thats bit is a little weird.

I have been having sheep keeping my villagers from using their own chairs, and also the sheep will go inside the house, then sleep right in front of the door, preventing those inside from going out, and those outside from going in. I had 2 villagers sleep on the floor one night (super grumpy the next morning) because one was trapped in the other one’s house due to a sheep, the other one was trapped outside of the house. I never have extra beds. Will a villager sleep in an unclaimed bed if they can’t get to their own? I could have killed the sheep I guess, I just have never been aggressive to them so I didn’t think of it at the time. Maybe I will gate them in somewhere, or try.

@Frecklefrog Be careful when attacking sheep…

I finally put a table and chairs outside. My sheep now tend to sit out there instead of in my house lol.

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