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Hello again, now I bought the game by steam :slight_smile: and I would like to give a suggestion when activating combat mode.
If it is possible to increment a button next to the sword in the upper part where it leaves all the colonists in combat mode, with the option to “select all settlers” or something of the genus, because when it is several times they are scattered and it becomes a little difficult to select all. This would make it much easier to attack and defend against tikglobins


Greetings raposinea :slightly_smiling_face:.
I understand your point. Until this time I doubleclicked every colonist and have sent him to an assembly point to defend together.

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Yes, I do this too, but there are some moments when they are far away and I can not select all at one time, depending on the situation I end up leaving it out.
Not a big problem, but it would give a facilitated to control them, especially when they start asking for separate houses

I think being able to select them by their face on the side would work well. Shift click or click and drag to select multiple.

Also being able to drag and drop them to change the order would be nice so we can put best soldiers at the top etc.


It’s also a very effective way :slight_smile: it would look great as well

Noted, thanks for the suggestion!
Selecting the faces on the left side seems like a good idea. That or control groups maybe.