See *where* buildings are waiting on for resources

It would be grand if we could see where a building is waiting on its resources to come from.
As an example I have a building waiting on VR edutainment and the block the building is in has VR edutainment, yet the factory is sitting full and idle. I suspect that it is trying to source from an impossible path for some reason.

What would be awesome is when a building is indicating it’s low on a resource if clicking that resource in the building would highlight the truck with it or the producer it’s waiting on.

So far, awesome game :slight_smile:

I would be more interested in seeing where the trucks are the are about to deliver to a selected building.
Also, I would love to see the full route or the origin of a specific truck

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I agree, the full route of a truck starting at the source would be helpful in planning roads and observing the efficiency of manufacturing.

I recently had a manufacturing area go into gridlock. Many trucks seemed to be routing in odd ways but I was unable to identify where it began. I added other routes deleting much of the gridlock but it rapidly returned.

I had previously created a new road design for a test manufacturer area on the far side of the map. It seemed it would be more efficient but products were not being delivered and all the storage was full. Since the new area had a different road plan I decided to delete all the gridlock buildings in the old area that needed supplies.

The result was successful, items began to rapidly move from the new area and the old area gridlock disappeared. I suspected this would be the result but had a full delivery route been available I might have avoided the gridlock.

maybe that would require too much RAM, if so: observing a single building would be nice

Maybe have a Product Truck filter? There would be drown-down w. all of the available resources. User selects one of them, InfraSpace hides all trucks, except those carrying the specified resource.

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