Second update today

second update today. has unfortunately cause the game to not open via steam. I press the play button, it opens the app, then everything closes again.

Mac M1.
Really wish it was a PC.

also, I know this is the first version on Mac, so I expect bug! I hope I can help you build a more stable game1

I’m on it! Thanks for the report.

I fixed it, let me know if you have any more issues :sweat_smile:

that fixed the loading issue.

and don’t know if it was that update or the one before, but it fixed a crashing issue!

thank you

I wanted to add before I head off. and after playing it for a hour. you have fixed an issue where my Mac would get really hot and the fan would be running like crazy, and the battery (10 mins, exaggerating), now really really good.

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