Scrolls and their use, How?

Hi, need help with scrolls !! How to USE them ? cant seem to use somehow

Any help is appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile:

You will need to buy scrolls from the Trader - but will first need a storage facility to keep them in.

  1. So build a Scroll Shelf for Scrolls, which is found in the Storage section (bottom left of screen) - then buy some scrolls.

  2. Then go to the Research area (top right of screen) and select Basic Medicine, Advanced Tailoring or Stone Weapons.

  3. Build a Research Scroll Stand to study from, which is found in the Work section (bottom left of screen) - your Scholar should have enough skills by this time. Select your scholar and then right click on the Stand to select Analyze Scroll.

You should now be up and running :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the reply. I tried all that but couldnt find a scroll stand for scrolls??? is it different from the research one? what level does the scholar have to be?? still in stuck mode :0((

Yes it is different but look quite similar

i don’t have the game bellow the eyes for now but i think it’s a lvl 2 scholar if i’m correct (check skill tree)

It can be confusing when learning about Scrolls


  1. “Scroll Shelf for Scrolls”, which is found in the “Storage” section (bottom left of screen) - is only for storing the scrolls, not studying them!!!

  2. “Research Scroll Stand” to study from, which is found in the “Work” section (bottom left of screen) - does not store scrolls and is only used for studying them.

They are 2 completely different sets of furniture and are in 2 different sections of furniture - they do look similar though :slight_smile:

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Is The trader only place you can get scrolls? P&TY

Yes - only from the Trader :upside_down_face:

In the early game it is a bit difficult getting money, so takes some time to build up.

Usually the easiest money makers are watering cans which can be easily made at the wood workbench. The trader will normally take all that you can make - at least 10 at a time :smile:

Thanx roo. U da best! :slight_smile: