Schools doesn't work

Hi, I have some troubles with schools, they simply don’t work.
I have placed 3 at the moment, but none of them has workers despite the 100% priority.

Someone else with this problem?

They work well on my games. I can say you will need 1 school for every 10 houses or so. So it does require a lot of schools. You seem to be connected. I’m assuming it has power so no idea what might be causing your issue.

You have the priority bar at 100% but allocated workers are less than 100% in all categories with people - you have a labour shortage. I suspect the algorithm feels there is no point in staffing schools until you have enough people for other areas.

@PruritoIntimo Yes, you don’t have enough workers.

Still, if you can send me your save, I can look into the worker balancing algorithm a bit more. (settings → open saves folder →

Thank you, save game sent!