Save Bug Causing Load Game To Error

Hello! Today there is a wind storm where I live, which in turned killed the power in my apt while I was playing. I then opened up the game again and now every time I try to click “Load Game” I get this error and I can’t actually load any saves as they don’t show as you can see in the screenshots below;

Hey @GarnetAnimations, sorry for that issue!

It seems like your save file got corrupted because of the storm. However, it is strange that you say you can’t load any save files anymore? Are all the autosaves broken, too?

If all saves are broken, you can send them to me so I can check if I can find out more.

Yea, all saves including auto-saves broke and won’t show up in the load game menu here is the entire folder inside the saves folder;

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Thanks @GarnetAnimations. At the moment we’re super busy with the next Update release, but I put your save on our list!

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Hi! I was curious if there is any progress on this?

Hi :slight_smile:

Just wondering - do you still have problems with game saves?

As the game should have been updated since your problem occurred - or you may have to do a complete delete and reinstall of the game :frowning:

If you are trying to just get your old saves working - that may be impossible if the files are badly corrupted. So unless you kept a separate file on your computer for manually saving important games, you will probably have lost those old games.

Sorry, not very helpful, but damaged files are basically lost :disappointed_relieved:

Yea the old save’s are gone, but I am able to see any new save’s but the error log still pops up every time I click on load game

Okay, update I can not click on the load, or delete button when looking at my saves

Also I tried to delete the old save’s but the game or steam keeps on putting them back

EDIT: Steam constantly redownloaded the saves cause of Steam Cloud but once I disable it everything is fixed

Not sure if you have done it already, but a complete reinstall will probably fix your game issues.

After any major problem with your computer, it is best to reinstall any app’s that are broken during an event.

If you currently have any games saved, go into FF’s Save folder and copy those game save files into a new folder for back-up and for putting back into your new Save folder:

  1. In Win 10 just go to your “App’s and Features” and scroll down to Founders Fortune and do an uninstall.

  2. Restart your computer.

  3. Go back to Steam (or GOG) and reinstall the game.

  4. Put any saved game files back into the Save folder.

This should fix any issues and return the game back to a normal :upside_down_face:

I did try these, but ultimately what fixed the game was disabling steam cloud, as it was downloading the old saves(The save that was corrupted) and everything went back to normal, so apparently the corrupted saves where so broken that it stopped me from being able to interact with the save / load game menu almost at all IE. I was unable to click overwrite, delete, or load in the main menu