Sandbox release?

So i’ve been playing for a whlie now and in most of my cities even though i plan then out I end up hating them by the time I get to unlocking yellow or red reserch and want to start again but I think if sandbox mode got relased this problem would be fixed. And for sandbox you could have options like inf materials or full reserach done. There for making the game esiaer for some new players and also letting people build there dream cities with out using up a bunch of space for all the mines and stuff.

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you can still use DEV options that allow pretty much the same thing ^^

I love this idea.

What is the DEV Option? As i not yet found any instruction manuals at all beside the small tutorial i am a bit lost at the moment :wink:

I dont know where the DEV Options are aswell.

The dev menu is accessable by activating dev mode in the settings and then pressing F3 in game.

Also: sandbox mode will be in the next major update.

Thanks for telling me it’s just that I did not know what it did.

Thanks for telling me as I was stuck finding it.

@34chops the dev mode is no longer necessary, sandbox settings are out :slight_smile:

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