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I want to open a discussion about optimal room sizes in the separate houses the colonists eventually want. I find a bedroom size of 5 x 5 works quite well, but I am struggling to work out how big to build the individual houses that the colonists demand in the late game. They want a lot of their own furniture and storage shelves to keep them happy and I have to frequently delete walls and expand to keep up with their wishes. I want to plan ahead and build homes large enough to satisfy all their future wishes, and wonder how big they need to be. What do other player’s think about this, I’d love to know? Thanks. Happy hunting!

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7x5 was just, really just, big enough before the latest update (which added more items). So now I make 9x5, with a small 3x4 section on it (bedroom without a door, but separated by open wall).
This is a bit to big, but unlike my 7x5 which could not handle any single item more, the 9x5+3x4 is perfect for me now :slight_smile:
I think 9x7 will have the same perfect fit as the 7x5 had before the update.

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Thanks for the info. I will experiment with 9x7 and see how it goes. It will be tough to find enough room for all eleven colonists to have their own 9x7 houses though. Might need to move the entire colony into a more spacious location. Not sure how the Tikigoblins will react to us being close neighbours though… I sense trouble brewing!


Oh horror! The room size debate has taken off in a new direction! Some of my colonists are now demanding their own individual houses with three large rooms… I have no idea how big to build them. What room size is considered large? I imagine 3x3 is probably too small, but what about 3x4, 4x4 or 5x5? If I do provide these large houses, what’s next? Will they then want four room houses or even five? Help!!! :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

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Max demanded room is 5 big room (5x5 min. rooms).

Wow! So it seems like I need to allow enough space to accommodate eleven houses, each with five rooms with a minimum room size of 5x5. Plus room for communal areas and farming. That’s a huge amount of land! I will have to re-locate my entire colony :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Yes it’s some management to do, good luck :slight_smile:

Oh wow… I haven’t been into the late game at all yet, since I thought it would not change the gameplay much yet. But that is pretty nice, actually. Sorry you have to move your colony tho…
But does the game account seperate houses as rooms for a person, when I only place his/her items into that newly build seperate house? Or does the game realize that the rooms are not connected?

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As far as walls are touching the game think it’s a unique house (idk if it’s clear enough sorry)


In my experience so far, individual houses need to be separated by at least one square. It’s better to separate by three squares though, so that colonists don’t get stuck. I am experimenting with future proofing my colonists needs, by building the house foundation 10x10 with a 5x5 room on the side as soon as they ask for a three bedroom house. I then divide it into two 5x10 rooms plus the 5x5 room that sticks out. When they ask for four large rooms, I just turn one of the 5x10 into two 5x5 rooms. Later I can max out their housing requirement by turning the other 5x10 room into two 5x5 rooms. I don’t build five rooms any earlier then necessary as I want to get the highest possible number of Reward points. This method means you don’t have to keep knocking down the exterior walls to upgrade. Sorry if my description sounds a bit confusing! Hopefully you get the gist of what I mean… :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: With regard to ownership of furniture, you will need to move all the furniture from their room in the shared building, over to their own house. As part of their Wish Fulfillment cycle, they will eventually expect to have their own personal version of pretty much everything in the game. So you’ll end up building eleven copies of most things!! I think Crafting and Cooking Stations are the only things that remain shared. Better get busy chopping down trees!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


That’s a great way for going efficient. I have to say that I like a bit more variety when building, tho :stuck_out_tongue: I was happy that I could move furniture around in my early 7x5 builds, so allthough they all had the same rectangular shape, the way it was filled in made it so much better.
Same goes for the later build with separate room, I moved that room a bit on all houses or changed the innerwall design.
When the new update arrives I go test with those extra room demands they get :wink:

Hi. I have refined my house build for the late game, when colonists want their own house with five large rooms. At first I built a squared-off “L” shape house, with the 5th room tacked on the side. It was a bit ugly, and had no hallways. My second solution is much better looking. A square 11x11 house with four 5x5 rooms, each with a single square removed in the corner, to create an enlarged hallway that the colonist accepts as the 5th large “room”. The footprint of the 11x11 house is much easier to fit into the colony and allows more options for building in a confined space.

I will try to post a couple of pictures…


With the latest update I moved from 5x7 to 7x9. I avoid building all the food storage items in their houses, it’s a waste of space and resources, I prefer to add that to a central food / training / research area.

i know this might be useless after so much time, but i discovered that the minimal for a room to be recognized as a room is 4x4 , so i made some engineer room using a base of 8x12 and having it broke in three pieces, two split in half to make 4 room and one intact for a larger room , so far had no problem with any furniture or personal work place .


using the knowledge about the room being 4x4 , you can made some shapes as long it touches enough to have a functional door

Interesting house design from UNG_God.

However, do your colonists accept the 4x4 rooms as being “large rooms”? I thought the minimum room size, to satisfy the request for a house with five “large” rooms, was more like 5x5 or 6x4. It’s probably based on the number of “tiles” inside the room, rather than the length of the walls.

I will do a little experimenting to check…

five large rooms? that is new , to me was always 5 rooms.

here is the list:

My mistake!

I should have said “big rooms”, not “large rooms”…

(face palm!) :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Excuse me to interrupt this topic, but how do you DELETE walls ? there is no selection available :frowning:

(1) First select the house icon in the bottom left of your screen.

(2) Select the Walls sub-menu

(3) Select any of the wall icons. Then, press and hold the right mouse button, which will enable you to drag a red area over the wall you want to delete.

Happy hunting!