Road Traffic Optimization

So i been noticing a few places with Road Traffic that i honestly don’t know if anyone noticed or cared about too much. I started a new game with the transport on Hard and Economy on easy because i wanted a more transport focused game. Anyways i noticed that a lot of my bottlenecks happens at the entrences of storages and production buildings. Kepp in mind ill be using the Concrete/Steel Storage building as the example but i noticed this a lot with the others. In my current city i have a 2 lane, one way road going down in a line on one side. (left side) and despite a car being on the right side of the road, it wants to stop, block all traffic behind it while waiting its turn to go into the storage building, thus causing a backup. now i don’t know about you guys but traffic should behave like that lol. Now lets go over Avenues. (4 lane roads/6 lane roads) the same thing applies here, however instead of just blocking traffic behind it, its crossing the opposing lanes of traffic causing them to stop and have this weird caterpillar effect down the road. is it possible to have our roads set to not cross or have a lane specifically as a passing lane? and when a lane is full, switch to the free lane along your route? idk, i think theres a bit of road traffic optimizations or even road type additions that could be done.

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it looks like buildings have a max input rate of about 1/second. most noticeable with storage of steel or concrete since, unlike other buildings, there isnt a craft time that lowers the input demand. (same behavior when a newly constructed building is filling its internal storage)
you can reduce this effect by splitting your concrete to multiple storage buildings.