Road Grid and straight roads

It is not possible to make blocks of buildings, because the roads are not straight. After a while they it starts look ugly and lots of space cant be used. If i place 4 habitats each next to another etc. the roads start snapping wrong and after a while (4 habitats + 4habitats etc) it gets messy.

Hm, could you show me a screenshot / save of how it goes wrong?

Would help with understanding how exactly this happens.


Friends i have one problem in game i am build Road but after build Road is not show in game map
after build i only see Road shadow… please how to fix this problem

Need to make 90 degree square and straight roads.

Also saving screenshots at C: is not a good idea.

Hm, I’ll try to reproduce this once I’m back in the office.
What do you not like about saving screenshots in AppData and what would you prefer?

First of i apprechiate your replies and the effort you put in.

This path: C:\Users\Uriel Seuthes\AppData\LocalLow\Dionic Software\InfraSpace\screenshots
is much longer and more difficult to find than



c: is for windows and windows related stuff, unfortunately most companies put their files unnecessary on c: what leads to have a) gamefiles spread out over multiple drives\folders and the space reserved for windows getting less. the folder Appdata should not exist at all but thats only me (i know different users etc on 1 pc - could be solved much better-) It also slows down the computer, i dont want to go deeper into this because i apprechiate your effort putting in. Wish you a great success with this game.

About the road problem: there are some posts on steam discusion too.
Copy for you:

Is it possible to adjust roads to grid to make straight roads?

This is exactly what I miss the most. Please. make the roads grid based so that they can be built straight. At the same time, it is practically impossible to make an exact square (rectangle), the roads always start to diverge and the whole building falls apart.

(Fun fact: Roads have their limitations in blue dots, you can’t connect near them. Just as you can’t connect too small sections. For example, a six-lane road can’t connect 3 or fewer squares (habitat width)).

The road curve has to do with rolling hills. Since the roads ‚Äėcurve‚Äô a bit going up and down slopes, over a distance, parallel roads will start to converge or diverge.

Davniel, the save I just emailed you should be square areas (email was about power connections and save game loading), but you’ll see how over a seemingly flat area they create all kinds of weird shapes that I fill in.

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Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, ref this issue… the 3 vertical roads are all snapped to 90* of the traffic circles, which are all snapped to 90* of the connectors. The rolling terrain causes what should be parallel roads to not be so parallel.
Infraspace (3)

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Thanks for the screenshot. I can probably reproduce it, but if you still have the save you can also send it to me for more clarity (settings ‚Üí open saves folder ‚Üí Thanks!

You fixed this, for me, when you changed it so roads only curved, automatically, with a significant change in elevation. They’re pretty close, now.

Haha, great. I was just going through forum posts to see if I missed anything. Glad it’s already resolved :slight_smile: