Rigidbody glitch

Something strange happened after Hannelore recovered from her broken leg. Her joint is causing part of her to always remain near her bed… Since I am new I can only post one photo, but the log says “Can’t remove Rigidbody because Character Joint depends on it” over and over and over.

Hi jseidl and welcome :slight_smile:

It sounds like its just a glitch with the ragdoll (body) which rarely occurs in some games.

Best to go back and reload an earlier game save and write over it (hopefully). Though sometimes a complete restart of the game clears the problem.

Darn. I think I’ll just play until she dies, she is getting near end of life. Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the report. Going to bed, falling unconscious, regaining consciousness, or changing clothes can also help reset the character.

She became invisible at death. Eventually a doctor must have found her invisible body and buried it because, her character icon finally went away. No one else has glitched yet. Thanks!