Resources stuck in station after line reworking

I have been hitting an issue where resources get stuck in a station and are never collected. This seems to occur when a significant change in routing occurs.

For example I had a single ‘Iron Line’ that stopped a stations A->B->C->D->E->F->G->H->I->J->A. I decided to split it into two lines A->B->C->D->E->A and A->F->G->H->I->J->A. at no point do the two lines intersect, they use different platforms on the station A.

The original line was used for the first line, and a new line was created for the second one, this also resulted in some track being deleted and reworked.

I had to remove all trains from the first line, because some were now stuck on a track that did not connect to their route and would not move. After doing that the first line worked fine.

In he second line the stations had stuck resources, in one station over 2.5k iron was awaiting collection but trains were not picking it up. They were however picking up new resources arriving at the station.

What I think might be happening is that when a track is deleted the trains on that track return to the station they visited most recently and the resources are placed back in the station (or the station where they were collected). The resources are presumably tagged to be expected to be picked up by a particular line, however that line no longer calls at that station so they are never collected. I could be way off the mark here!

I got things going again by deleting and recreating the stations. Then the resources seemed to get re-delivered from the mines and everything was ok.

I think you are correct. Resources have their entire route already planned when they leave their mine or factory. There is some dynamic routing I believe, but probably only when you make changes to the roads and not the train lines.

You said you only deleted the trains. Maybe if you create new train lines, would that work?

Hmm yeah good suggestion, I did not consider removing the original line and recreating that too. That might have triggered a reset on the stuck resources. If I get a chance I’ll test the save.

I think I just saw the same bug when removing a line and replacing it with a new line with the same stations on it. Some resources that were waiting in a station on the line got stuck there and were never picked up. Deleting and recreating the station fixed it.

I’m having this same issue. Problem is I’ve got multiple stations for one line. So every time I delete a station with resources stuck in it, I have to redo the line to include the station that i just replaced, which makes other stations on that line end up with stuck resources. So I’m just stuck in an endless loop where fixing one station creates problems with the others. The only fix I can think of is to pause the game, replace all stations at once, and redo my lines entirely. I haven’t tried this yet because im sure its going to create a traffic nightmare. If yall have other suggestions id love to hear em

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