Resources in factories going nowhere despite need

steel, nanotubes, electronics in short supply in some areas and many (not all) of the factories are full of final product. only some are exporting.

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Same thing. Motors needed Yellow Science, Motor Factories FULL, route clear - no transfer.
I even moved the factory beside the Yellow Science Building, still no joy.

Saving and RE-loading seemed to fix it. Memory issue?

Reload didn’t help my situation. I’ve seen this in different maps. I have a new map now, with Motor factories waiting for iron. Mines just sitting there with full storage. I reloaded, deleted, moved, … nothing seems to help. I can’t get iron to the Motor factories. Map design blown.

Do you have any districts defined? A few times I have had buildings placed on the wrong side of an old district boundary or forgotten about an export restriction that prevented good from flowing.

Nope, no districts. Just a mine and some blue/green factories separated by a train line.

I did have an issue with trains, I thought I posted this a few das ago but cannot see it. trains were blocked so the materials in transit were counted as being available for manufacture, so the factories did not send any more out, the factories filled and … production stopped even though there was a need at the demand end. Alternative paths were not considered.