Resources, Carbon & Electronics

Hi Team,

Played the game for roughly 14 hours over the last two days and i’m loving it

I have found an issue that i’d struggle to get the carbon processors to feed my nano factories, it seemed like they would only get fulfilled by my oldest atmospheric processors that where on the other side of the map, i solve it by replacing all the atmos processors with just oxygen ones to get the carbon processors to start feeding my factories

unsure if this was intentional or not.

My other general piece of feedback is there seems to be a slight disproportionate balance on the need and efficiency of electronics production. i seem to be able to get ontop of most resources but electronics seems to need a significantly vaster amount of factories

Current Game place: i am level 4 with 1900 citizens

Hi Cobba, thanks for the feedback!

If the carbon processors were filling up their outgoing storage and stopping production because they’re full, that’s a bug. You can send your save to me and I’ll investigate the cause (

If the carbon processors don’t fill up their storage, you don’t produce enough to cover the carbon need by those processors alone.

Yeah, electronics quickly becomes the backbone of your economy. If you reach level 6 I’d love to see a screenshot or a save to see how you ended up doing it :smiley:

The carbon processors were filling up and stopping because they were full, once i switched out all the atmospheric processors i haven’t had the issue since

i am currently on level 5 with 2500+ citizens.

another bug i have found is sulfer mines don’t always like one way roads, the trucks will come out to the road and disappear, i’ve had to use 2 way roads in some places where i’m mining sulfer

and also had some inconsistent problems with simple farms, i had some houses that were short on food but plenty of farms that were full and not emptying out, i just found myself destructing the non productive ones and rebuilding the houses as well

The push to level 6 seems scary… so much to manage :joy:

I see.

For every bug it would be super helpful to have a save where it’s happening, because when I try it, it usually works. You can find the saves by going to the settings menu and clicking “open screenshot folder”. The saves are next to the screenshots. :slight_smile:

i have just sent you one,

seems with the sulfer and the one way roads it only happened with small mines, large are fines

also when i was playing earlier i had no issue with good meal supply, i load up the save game a few hours later and every residence is battling for a good meal

Within 15 mins of loading the game i lost 250 citizens yet the city was purring like a kitten before i stopped playing…

Seems my farm problem is still ongoing