Research Lab shows the wrong science being researched

See screenshot (running on a Mac, latest version). The Research Lab popup is stuck showing the first science ever researched (and the % never updated even then)

update - it updates, but shows the wrong color (i’m researching concrete roads, green, 40) but it still shows Farming (blue)

The UI cannot handle unselecting the current research.

How to reproduce:

  • build a research lab
  • press R on the keyboard to open the research tree.
  • select and queue up a few random researches.
  • press ESC to close the research tree.
  • click on the research lab, and it shows the first selected research.
  • press R again to open the research tree
  • unselect the first research you queued up.
  • close the research tree.
  • select the research lab again, the UI wont update that you have unselected the current research.
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