Research Lab buildings: How many do I need?

Just downloaded the game today, and I’m fuzzy about a # of things. Understand that there are blue, green, yellow, etc., etc. sciences. What is the relationship between the colored research buildings & the Research Lab?

  1. Do I need just one Research Lab?
  2. One Research Lab per research color? (i.e. Have blue & green science buildings; need 2 Research Labs?)
  3. One Research Lab per colored building?

One Research Lab is sufficient. Indeed, for multi-colour research items the same Research Lab needs to receive science packs of each needed colour.

The only benefit of having two or more Research Labs is if traffic congestion of science packs is an issue and you can engineer better throughput that way.

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Thanks Geoffrey! Built 3, so if I need the real-estate, can probably delete 2 of the buildings.

So in effect, the Research Lab acts as a colored research building warehouse? (i.e. When my blue & green research buildings create research, the Research Lab stores it until it is needed. Similar to the way a regular warehouse stored manufactured concrete.

Similar to regular warehouses except the labs cap how much research of any given colour they will store and they do not share between buildings. Also, unless it was changed recently, they discard unused science packs after a research task is completed.

Good to know. Then I really need to pay attention to those ‘research complete’ messages, so my science packs can be applied to the next research task.