Research bug

hello im very annoyed that i can’t continue playing because it wont let me research anymore i mean i dont know why it just wont let me research!!! developers, please fix this!!
blue doesn’t want to go into yellow research

Hey, do you have districts set up perhaps? That can cause problems. Also, check if your roads are properly connected. Sometimes that goes wrong too.

Also also, blue goes into green, green goes into yellow.

Yellow research needs neural processors, maybe you mixed them up?

district yes 2/6
blue into green ant bleu wont do in yellow

no no i know neural pros but nothing whill go in only motors an greens and blauw but blauw wont go in

here a screen

I appreciate the screenshot, but as I told you: Yellow science takes in neural processors. You can see it in your screenshot.

Hover over the icon to get a tooltip:

oooow sh…t thx i whas wrong how can i mis this lol :grinning:

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