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Negative childhood happiness bar is not displayed

A few seconds later

She had lazyDay one time.

Other reports Game speed is set to 1
I’m sorry if it has been reported

Game Speed 3 or 2

Event Report(Reaserch Finshed,Qests etc)

Game Speed 1

3 Ignore construct soil.
I order construct soil.
Colonists construct soil.

Colonists construct near floor.
Colonists ignore construct soil.
The cause is when soil and floor are close

Yes the construct vegetable soil / floor construction over-ride has been an issue for a long time.

Not sure whether the Dev’s can allow autonomous instructions there, or if it is more complicated :thinking:

I always find it annoying at the beginning of a new game with that problem, as I usually have to manually over-ride the auto floor construction repeatedly…

Thanks for all the reports.

Colonists will prioritize building floors and walls over most other things. Otherwise, they are blocking their own paths very easily (for example when they build a large closet and then can’t reach the wall behind the closet)

Thank you for answer.
I’m sorry if it has been reported.
Sleep is the only way to restore stamina.
do nothing
Drink beer
Enjoy the fire
I want a method other than sleep.

Childhood satisfaction level and rewards.

I play debug mode to check the Japanese translation.

For example childhood satisfaction level is 1.
Satisfaction rewards is 1 points.
However When a child grows up,satisfaction rewards is 0 points.
Satisfaction Level is 1 as it is.

Is this specification just for debugging?
I want you to return it to satisfaction Level 0 at least.

It should auto return to 0 when becoming an adult, but Daniel will know…

Also noticed that all the writing on Christa’s information pop-up is in English?
Just a debug mode for the Dev’s I guess for quicker analysis?

I’m sorry if it has been reported
Colonists eat on the spot sometimes.
I play Dangerous World.

Sometimes a Foundy will start to eat a meal (often a second meal - overeater) and you cancel the action or just give them a new action to complete.
The meal is kept by your Foundy (in a pocket) for later eating.
When you tell your Foundy to eat a new meal or they automatically look for a new meal, then the unfinished meal is eaten where ever they are at the time.

As the image shows, your Foundy was hungry (50%) so auto ate the second meal.

Hope this makes sense
roo :upside_down_face:

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Thank you ,roo.
I understand it.


Noticed recently that when a Foundy wishes to ‚ÄėRelax‚Äô, that the action is instantly recorded as being completed without any waiting time.

Probably only in the last week or so :thinking:

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Hm, couldn’t reproduce that one @roo. Is it still happening for you?

Sorry, no :blush:

My game was going through a few hiccups at one stage and obviously this was one of them.

Should have updated this thread, but forgot :slightly_smiling_face: