Replica Names

In my current game there have been 2 Sandra’s, plus a Karin and a Karina out of the first 10 immigrants - seems a bit odd. An easy fix for me to change but out of thousands of names it seemed unusual?

I changed a Sandra, but stuck with the Karina - though it does at times cause confusion :crazy_face:

This isn’t a complaint, just an observation… maybe the AI is having fun with me :grin:

Probably about time I started using my own names :blush:

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We have around 100 names for each gender I believe, but due to the Birthday Problem, it seems like there are some collisions!

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Yes there will be a lot of replications with a limited pool of names, as well as similar names - karin / karina. Didn’t realise the pool was so small.

ATM I’m building my own list of more traditional Germanic names to eventually use when adding immigrants - just adding a bit more colour to an already great game :slight_smile:

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