Replayability idea: Worlds w. a different abundant resource

Still in my first game, and in < 15 hours I’m working toward level 5 citizens. Starting to wonder how much replay I’ll get?

Devs: Fact that sand can be mined almost anywhere works out well. But wondering if sand could only be mined in certain spots, but other critical resources were as abundant as sand is now? Examples:

  • Fe world (e.g. asteroid): Iron can be mined anywhere, but sand only at sand deposits.
  • Cu world: Copper can be mined anywhere, but sand only at sand deposits.
  • C world (planet w. a coal crust): Carbon can be mined anywhere, but sand only at sand deposits.
  • Can see doing something similar with Sulfur as well. Other element such as U & Al as not used as much.

These worlds would be a challenge, so definitely not for newbies. Big headache might be the ground color: Would there be enough contrast?

Players: How many times have you replayed InfraSpace?

I’m up to 430 hrs & I still haven’t gotten past level 4 city. TRAINS & aluminum screw me up

I did play a few times, haven’t been to level 5

In the early days, I restarted from scratch a couple of times and upped the difficulty level after building cities that would not scale up. After that, I preferred to rework in situ rather than going back to an empty tech tree.

I have put 250+ hours into the game at this point.

Thanks coffeecup, TDBlocks, & Geoffrey,

Was getting concerned after reached Level 4, in < 15 hours, and level 5 should be wrapped up in another hour or two. Should complete level 6 & entire tech tree in < 30 hours of game time. Thinking, “This game plays fast … how much reply will I get out of it?”.

That was before I hit an underemployment crisis last night, and I’m still trying to dig my way out of it.

Not unsympathetic to your struggles to get past level 4, coffeecup. But seeing that logged 430 hours, and still feel compelled to reach & complete level, means I’ll be playing InfraSpace late into 2022 … at least. IOW, this is not some easy game that you play once, then never again because there is no challenge.

Up to 825 hours now. Still having problems after level 4 due to yellow science set up. Using roads instead of trains i get almost to a few homes of level 5 before it goes to crap


What difficulty settings have you been using? Asking because I completed 2 games, after mining 200 units in each of Adamantine.

Both games were on the Easy difficulty, but bumped up the Transport difficulty to Medium in the 2nd → That created all kinds of traffic nightmares … mostly gridlock. And like you, went train-less in the 2nd game; no point to them.

Strategy: After running into 1st gridlock in my 2nd game (which nearly obliterated my economy), opt’ed for isolated regions,

  • Residential
  • Research
  • Concrete
  • Steel

Last 2 could have been consolidated. Still had traffic problems after this, but never severe ones in the residential region.

Been using medium settings since I started.Residential are setup in 5 block squares that are spaced out. Have found that spreading out the various regions makes it easier to get to an thru yellow science set up Have gotten up to laying schools through out city.Basically I’ve just been playing to see what works and what doesn’t.Love this game , because you have to think about each step of the tech tree; an what happens if you don’t pay attention.Still trying to figure out trains though…