Red Science quantity

Hi all, I fail to understand how this production vs consumption actually works. For the Adamantine drill to operate it requires 3 red science, but having 5 buildings supplying 1 each is not enough. Consumption shows 7.5 and the 5 red science only provides 2.4 (???), what is consuming it? Why is the 5 red science not enough?

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Those are rates. I haven’t built the drill yet - but I’m guessing it probably consumes Red Science faster than your 5 Reds can produce it? Red is slow to produce.

Red is produced at a rate of 1 every 160s (2m40s) but the drill requires 3 reds every 24s, so you’ll need approximately 20 red labs for the drill to operate smoothly. Notice that time under the “>” symbol on every building, it will give you a clue as to how fast or slow the resources are produced. As for the rate that is written in “production overview” tab it is the rate per minute.

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Thank you for your replies, I will keep on adding red science till it runs smooth and see if I reach 20. Hectic to be honest.

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