Recycling Center not working after moving it

I noticed an issue with the recycling center. When it is just placed it seems to work as intended (at least the upgrade is shown in the associated buildings). However, after I did some fine tuning on two of my centers, they stopped working (upgrade not applied any more). This effect can be reproduced.

In the production overview I can actually not see any change either way. I would have expected some change of resource consumption (which doesnt seem to be the case, at least in the overview)

I tested a bit further and with moving there might be some connection to auto attaching to a street (since I was able to move a recycling center once without it stopping to work, when it auto attached).
I also checked: When the upgrade is shown in the production facility it actually works (not consuming resources the 6th time), when the upgrade is not shown (even tough the facility is in range), it doesn’t work.
At least visibly it’s not an issue with connection of the center to a road (no warning shown, a small street attaching to the main road is visible).

update There seems to be a workaround. I just tried to get a savegame where the problem is present for upload. When reloading the problem seems to fix itself even when it was present when the game was saved.
Also the issue does definitely not always occur when moving a recycling center, but I can’t systematically tell under what conditions it occurs or doesn’t.

Thanks for the report, I put it on the list.