Rail not working

On the top right is my housing centre. It is not a District.
On the bottom right and stretching up to centre-right is my first research/production centre. It is not a District.
Across the top is three new production/research centres. They are not Districts.

The only thing connecting them is the train and so it can’t be over-ridden by cars/trucks. There is enough production of the demanded items. There is nothing being delivered to the trains station (Station is empty).

The trains are not running.

I seem to have connected them all correctly with the correct roads in the right places, they all have power and still nothing.

I’ve set up districts with export rules.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and started a new game.

And still no trains.

Did you create a route in the train menu?

No but, then, I also didn’t find a train despite looking for anything that I may have been missing.

You dont have to find a train, you have click on the train menu in the top left and set a route between the stations. Then trains will start driving

Found it thanks.

I just couldn’t ‘see’ the train menu. As in, it was there, staring me in the face and I didn’t recognise it as a train.

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