Question related to the developer mode

I would like to know how to access the resources through the in game inspector, as I could not find a suitable tutorial.

What do you mean with this? Using the developer mode you can only add all resources at the same time

you can also use inspector tools ^^

Yes, but where are resources actually located?

Hi Mike, welcome :slight_smile:

Just wondering what you are wanting to do?

Developer mode is for testing problems in your Mods and/or coding by the Dev’s.

If you are looking just for some quick info, go to FF on Discord

There are usually a few peeps floating around :upside_down_face:

I think he’s talking about the about the number of resources, like how much wood or stone you have.

@MikeONike Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s accessible.
The code for this is left over from back when we started the project and is not well integrated with the object inspector.

In programming terms: The dictionary that contains resources is located in a singleton and I don’t think any of the objects have a direct reference to it, so you can’t access it with the inspector.