Quality of life/OCD friendly change

I might be the only one who notices this, but I like having things neat and in order. If we were able to drag and drop the colonists frames to the left in the order we like, I would really love that. Having all farmers in a row etc.


Currently the colonists are displayed in the order of arrivals, so they are also ordered by how much they expect of the colony. At least it’s not random :smiley:


I agree with the suggestion, but it’s definitely incredibly low priority.

I do have a more OCD friendly suggestion for @PrincessMonster though:
There are better words to use in place of OCD, when you’re talking about something other than the psychiatric condition. Thesaurus.com offers up all of these non-ableist synonyms to use instead:

  • pedantic
  • precise
  • fastidious
  • finicky
  • fussy

My OCD notices that your list is not in alphabetical order!

LOL! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


I did in no way, shape or form mean to come off as offensive or belittle any psychiatric conditions. I actually do suffer from OCPD, so I do get where you’re coming from. I just don’t think about it in that way, and I use “OCD” for a lot of things. It was all in good fun and no harm was intended. Thank you for putting in the effort of giving me some new words to use. I will keep that in mind in the future :slight_smile:


As one sufferer to another, I send you my heartfelt sympathy. I notice mine most when I’m doing DIY. A job that should take only a couple of days, can take an age, as I try to micro-manage every step to perfection. Just finished (nearly!) decorating three bedrooms. It took me 6 months! Still, there’s worse illnesses to have, so I guess it’s not so bad…

Also, we both probably use the completionist approach to gaming, which can be very time consuming!

Oh don’t get me started haha. I do a lot of DIY and I end up throwing away the majority because I got it wrong, didn’t do it in the right order or its not symmetrical (that really gets me). But on a positive note, whatever we make will look fabulous :smiley:

Man, in Founders’ Fortune there are so many things left to be perfected.Often times it’s annoying to have to leave something be when you could spend more time to make it better, but you need the time for something else.

But in my opinion, if you want to “perfect” the development process of a game, you need to maximise player happiness, and you get that by new features, not by making that one scrollbar feel perfect unfortunately :smiley:


speaking as a slob, I agree wholeheartedly. Game enjoyment comes first. Speaking as a software dev, I’ve been driven mad trying to change a color or straighten a line for some users. “The statistical analysis feature is fine but can you change the background to a slightly lighter shade of green!?!?!” :crazy_face:
I like everything about this game so far :smiley:

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