Purchasing Updates

I purchased this game last year and see there was a free update. How do I get this?

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With GOG and Steam you just need to go into your account with them and make sure that it working, then make sure that you have their app’s running on your laptop (or computer).

If the game is installed, it should update automatically.

Otherwise install the game and it will be the latest version - you just need to click on the FF game from within the App on your computer or on their website.

Buying the game in the earlier Alpha’s through the website would have given you a download link and a key for use on Steam. Check your emails from the purchase time for details.

If you have lost the details then you have to send an email to:


Make sure you give all your purchase details in the email.

He can confirm your purchase and give you information on how to download the latest game update.

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If you bought the game through our website and have not activated it on Steam, updates will not be automatic and you have to update it yourself.
Check out this website for details: https://foundersfortune.com/how-to-update-founders-fortune/