Production overviews

Good afternoon,

Started playing the game yesterday after becoming obsessed with RCE’s videos of this on YouTube and absolutely love it.
Hiwever one thing i have noticed is that on my production overview screen it does not show my carbon production? This explains why i kept running out yesterday.
Is this a common problem?
I can see from his YouTube videos it should be on there.

It used to be there but it was removed. The reason was that the production side wouldn’t work correctly with it. The problem of invisible production numbers exists with every building that has more than one producible.

Personally I’d also prefer to see the production number, even if the slider for worker assignment isn’t working.

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I completely agree, i think its great to be able to see it. One thing i did notice tonight is that it shows when on the production overview and are looking at a specific district.

I didn’t know that it works in district mode but it kind of makes sense. The production sliders are irrelevant there so no confusion about their impact on the production numbers can happen.

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Definitely happy i was able to find it somewhere. I was using distric mode a lot to make self sufficient factories to reduce the traffic travelling from areas that are miles away!
I did spot a bug i couldn’t get around though, i had huge volumes of traffic bringing excess steel from one side of the map to the other (there was a storage facility i built at the start of the game). So to reduce traffic i built a storage facility close to where the steel was produced to stop them travelling so far but it was bypassed by everyone!
In the end i had to delete my original storage faciluty.

How difficult would it be to implement a resource management system for districts?
I understand what you’re saying about limiting carbon and oxygen production as they come from the same factory and are produced simultaneously. But could you change it so that it was a factory type management slider? So say all meat factories at 100% gave 6 mean and 2 waste, at 50% could they give 3 meat and 1 waste and half the workers?