Production overview bug

Hi, a small bug. I doubt this is game breaking, but still odd.

I placed a Holo-display factory on the map somewhere, not connected to any roads or anything, just to see what it would look like. The production overview showed it had 4 workers, which is correct I believe.
I then demolished the factory and now it shows -1 workers in the production overview. I have no Holo-display factories anywhere.


When I build a new factory it shows 4 workers again.
I haven’t tested this with other buildings.

Just a quick update, I loaded my save again this evening and this bug was gone.
A quick check revealed that this is easy to reproduce. After placing and removing the Holo-display factory, it shows -1 workers again.

Hi @Tjitso sorry for the late answer.

Do you still have a save where I can see this behavior?
(settings → open saves folder → Thanks!

Email sent. /extra characters

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