Power distribution upgrade

I have been having this issue where my infrastructure is too big to fit in the radius of the power poles so it would be better if there were a research item you could unlock that would pass electricity to adjacent buildings or underground power poles.

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It looks like you need to build a substation. The substation have la really bigger radius than the power poles.


Hi guys, as asked before, there is a need for underground powerlines.

the substations are significantly larger of a radius than the power poles. just use those.

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Yes, substations have a big area, but say in your residential areas, putting substations sometimes looks strange, and they also don’t fit in all the time. So it would be better to have this but with a cost like the pipes, lower output. This could be a great addition. I have tried placing substations and for my OCD and my hunger for symmetry, this is just not a viable option.

Substations still need to be hooked to powerpoles, which ripp up your city

I use the power station around the city using the lines inside the city bypass roads.

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