Possible Founder's Furniture bug? or maybe just change?

So I built my colonists the Founder’s Table and Arm-less Chair set. I then moved the old picnic type table and stools outside, but they kept using the old table so I kept moving it farther and farther away. I finally moved it to the spot shown in the photo and still the colonists went there to eat once the Armchair and Couch was taken! After I deleted the old table and stools, they chose to stand rather than use the Founder’s Table set… :confused:

I just saved and restarted game and they used the table, but they still prefer the Armchair and Couch. Would it be possible to get them to prefer to sit at the Founder’s Table to eat?

Hi Quirquie. There is one problem with the AI at the moment: It will always prefer the piece of furniture that was built first. We’re going to fix this in Alpha 8, but for the moment, you can use that knowledge to make them do what you want :smiley:

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So I built a new Armchair and Couch, deleted the originals and my guys all ate together again! :partying_face:

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