Possible bug or UI misunderstanding

I have a nice little start to my colony, but I find that I’m behind a bit on cotton due to an odd happening. When I first placed beds, I had enough cotton that I gathered all four at once, and when I put them down, I found that I couldn’t replace my sleeping spots 1:1 because the beds were at an odd angle… like, a 20 degree skew that resulted in them eating a janky sort of 2x3 square but not really because I could kinda shove furniture around them.

Then my fifth colonist came. I went straight for the bed for him, and… it went down straight. 1x2 square, no conflict with walls. Attempting to move the jank beds results in them staying skewed, even if i rotate them. Did I hit something funky to cause this, or is this some sort of bug?

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Yes it is a bug and yes you did something funky to cause this :smiley:
It’s fixed in Alpha 8, but here is why it has happened:

When you rotate a bed, it’s not immediately teleported into the final position, but smoothly changes it’s rotation until it fits. This happens in 1/10th of a second. Well, turns out sometimes players are quicker than 1/10th of a second and the bed ends up in a strange rotation. Unfortunately, you can’t really fix the bed you have placed, but in the future you can avoid this by waiting for the bed to finish rotating :smiley:

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Hah, good to know that I’m just impatient then :slight_smile: