Please consider adding roundabouts

one thing to make your own squiggly mess and quite another to have a predefined shape
and then, maybe allow the tool to adjust radius of said roundabout or have predefined sizes


It’s actually quite simple to make nicely circular roundabouts (or any other curvy things) after you get how the rounding algorithms work. I’ll try and post some pics later when I get home from work.

OTH, it would be quite nice, yes, to be able to save and reuse layouts.


yeah, but actually no
the other problem with making it yourself is that you don’t actually have roundabout rules - the cars that want to enter must yield to the ones already in

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I’m currently improving the rails construction system for the trains update, and I think one of the new features will also be useful for road roundabouts :slight_smile:

More traffic rules will come in a later update (see roadmap).