Pirates too strong

Hey, fellow founders!
Seems like hardcore colony cannot progress beyond second autumn, because pirates demand good i cannot provide yet (such as beer, how the hell i can produce beer in second year?), and when i decline their demands they land and jusr wile out all my colonists. Any way to survive hardcore?

Surviving the hardest level is tough :crazy_face:

My first move is to build the village in the centre of the island - preferably a roundish shape island.

Defense is my best option and there are many ways to slow down the attacks - or run away :wink:

Keeping the number of villagers down to a smaller number can help as well - really depends on if you just want to survive or fight back? :upside_down_face:

Tough, heh… almost impossible. I tried different tactics, different pairs of colonists. No chance to handle first pirates raid :frowning:

Dangerous worlds can be extremely though.
If you can’t defend yourself you can bring your colonists to safety and let the pirates pillage. Sometimes you need to sacrifice.

But talking in a more practical sense, make sure all your colonists focus on one pirate at a time. Try to lure a limited number of pirates away from the group and don’t fight everyone at once. If they all attack you at once, retreat for a while.

Walls and archery towers can help if you’re able to build them in time.

As @roo mentioned keeping a low profile in the beginning can work in your favor. This means not growing the colony too fast and not building expensive things. If you store vast amounts of coins or have furniture out of the most expensive wood, you’re going to look like a juicier target to them.

Thing is they arrive in second autumn, i cant get archers or towers to this time.
Well, looks like hard mode not for me. :slight_smile:
By the way, how big would be damage if i let pirates savage my village? When will the leave?

Most games require you to start as fast as possible - building resources, houses, population.

With FF, at ‘Dangerous World’ level you really need to think nearly opposite.

So for me, building in the centre of the island gives me time to defend/run away from pirates. It means that all areas of the island are reasonably accessible.

You also have to give to the goblins in the first few years - though there are a few tricks to make this easier (without cheating) :wink:

Building slowly (population) means you can look into defenses as a goal to achieve in the first few years. When they are up, you can go for a quick increase in population to build up your village.

If you build up slowly, it also means that when the pirates do attack, the damage is limited and easily replaced. Again there are a few tricks in keeping some resources safe, which if you work at it, will solve most problems :upside_down_face:

@roo, thanks for an advice, will try

I haven’t played hard mode yet but what I learnt from what I have played is to get weapons and armour as quickly as possible. Even if you have to sacrifice progress elsewhere I train my foundries up and go hunting for weapon and armour upgrades. On regular mode you become pretty unstoppable after attaining turtle armour and pirate swords. I hear the harder difficulty is a lot more difficult but I’d also think it’s still possible to build the right defence.

It’s been a long time since I played FF last time… Well, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for adding advanced options wich sets pirates to peacefull! Also what’s the deal with Dionic Software? :slight_smile:

Good to hear from you again :slight_smile:

Dionic Software? - Daniel put a post about it somewhere, not too sure where it is :sweat_smile:

Mainly just a business decision for future games development and a unique name for identity (I think… from memory :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Growing up, heh? Good, good. :slight_smile: