Pirate's sword must sell and We must can let goblin making elixir in our town

now pirate’s sword can’t being sold.

Why? Only pirate’s cloth can…

I have about 400? or more. It’s useless. it’s just garbage.


we must can sell that, too. nothing reason can’t sell that.


goblin, they are always demand many things more and more one-side.

of course we can, too. but that’s very little and relationship is down, too.

so we must accept their one-side demanding for elixir.

that’s very very let me angry. they are just robber.

but I can’t anything for i do having elixir.

I want can having elixir when I attack them or let them making it in my town.

they can kidnap. why we can’t? we must can kidnap them, too. it’s fair.

tropico6’s Mc is pushover. that’s why I stop that game.

MC be demanding one-side. that’s very very angry situation but that game demand Mc’s one-side sacrifice.

that’s the reason let away gamer. Whoever don’t want one-side acceping demand in game.

Why we must sacrifice in game? we play the game for pleasure, not sacrifice.

now, Goblins always demand sacrifice if gamer want elixir. it’s very unfair.

I want punish their behavior.

If I can that, I always starting this game when I had stress real world.

and maybe that’s being reason more gamer playing this game.

Thinking about it. thanks.


I played this game about 600 hour? version 12.0 at first.

and I playing about more 200 hour 13.0.9?~11 now version buying this game at steam.

I love this game.


안녕 sil, thanks for the input.

  • I’ll look into the pirate sword and see if there is a reason for that.
  • Goblins think it’s their island so you having to pay a little extra is only fair.
  • What do you mean by MC?
  • Goblins are less demanding if you lower the difficulty.