Pipes Update Released!

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to say the wait has ended and as of right now Alpha 10, the Pipes Update, is out!

Pipes, Water, Methane

This is the big news and core of the update: Pipes now open another alternative to truck and train transport.

It’s a lot easier to deal with pipe logistics, but you’ll pay a hefty price in efficiency since buildings have to bear the cost of pipeline operation. You’ll have to decide in which situations it makes sense to use pipes and when to use trucks and trains.

With the pipes update, we also introduce 2 new resources: Water and Methane. Water is an essential resource necessary for survival. In the beginning, you can filter it from the atmosphere, but once you’ve got enough power, you can operate a ground extractor to get water from the planet’s crust.

Methane is found in certain locations on your map or can be produced by processing organic waste from your advanced farms. The main use for methane is power generation, but it also has some industrial applications.

All pipe-able resources can be stored in large tanks which give you some reserves for hard times.

Sandbox Mode

It’s long been a communtiy favorite feature and now it’s here: Sandbox mode.

What’s more, you can select which kind of sandbox you want and turn off building costs, citizen needs or research all techs. Further, you can even change this in a running game!

Finally, there are two bonus settings regarding traffic:

You can turn off traffic jams completely OR you can enable round trips to make your traffic problems a lot worse. Your choice!

Spaceship & Backstory

The backstory is slowly coming to InfraSpace and your spaceship is the first piece. After a failed warp jump, your damaged ship is stranded somewhere in the galaxy. You need to repair it to get back to earth.

You can already repair all of your ships components, but what happens after that will be revealed during Early Access!

Per-District Production Overview

Another community favorite, this time for hardcore players:
You can now check out the production stats for all of your districts and see if your production is balanced the way you want it to be.

Other News

  • Holo Displays are now used for VR-Edutainment Glasses
  • Increased max bridge build height by a lot
  • Added a tiny train station for those narrow places
  • A bunch of fixes

Your Old Save Works

All of your saves should be compatible and even spawn the new methane resource on the ground - no collision issues.

You will need to make sure to provide your citizens with water quickly, but I filled up your habitats and you can turn on sandbox mode to bridge the gap if needed.

If, despite all of that, you want to continue playing an old version, you can do that with the Steam Betas feature.

What Next?

First of all, I’ll be watching the forums closely for any new bug reports. If nothing major pops up over the weekend, I’ll go through minor bugs from the update and all other reports next week.

Let me know how you like the update and if you run into any issues.

Happy playing!


Per-District Production Overview

Thank you so much!:revolving_hearts:

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Hi with the pipes in infraspace made my game that was basically almost done the game into madness since pipes weren’t in the game before all my buildings like houses were basically downgrading. My world which was great is now kinda ruined.

Hi @FNSlurpy4581

  1. You can enable sandbox mode in the settings on the left side
  2. You can keep playing the old version by using the Steam betas feature.

Hope this helps - if we don’t release gameplay updates it wouldn’t be a good early access period :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!

The Pipe Update seems to have been received quite well, but a number of bugs have been reported.
I’ve taken some time to provide you with a quick Sunday evening hotfix update for the possibly game breaking issues I’ve seen:

  • Fixed a bug where loading maps from previous versions would generate methane once, but then skip the methane generation on subsequent loads. Now you should always have methane patches in your saves.

  • Fixed a bug with the new round trip cars feature, where they would generate infinite cars and not drive back to the proper source.

I’m making a list of all the other bugs and will deal with them in the coming week during normal working hours.
I want to thank everyone for the concise reports, any saves you send to me for reproduction (daniel@dionicsoftware.com) and for your patience.

Happy playing!

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Thank you for this.
I also realized that u need to connect the pipes to the water drills. But this information is good to know.

What about methane pipes unable to connect to building that require it ?

Hello @Daniel
I have been playing InfraSpace from the time it first came in steam(It is amazing).
I have got every update from the time except the pipes update. I was really looking forward to it but sadly I didn’t get the update. Any fixes?


You’re most probably using the Steam Betas feature either intentionally or by mistake and that’s why you’re not on the most recent version.

Go to Steam → right click on InfraSpace → Settings → Betas → select “None”

“None” means you are not on any special version, but on the default one, which is always kept up to date.

Thanks. It didn’t occur to me that I was using the beta version.

Hello everyone,

I just uploaded Patch 10.2.216 with a handful more fixes:

  • Methane Pipes now connect to Yellow Science Pack Factories and High Tech Workshops
  • Fixed an issue where a player could not load their save
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to delete saves in game
  • Rebalanced pipeline operation efficiency impact: From now on, only producers of liquid / gas resources connected to a pipe system pay the operation costs of 33%. Consumers operate at full efficiency

Happy playing!

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