Pipes for carbon

maybe u should make pipes that go all the carbon biulding

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As far as I know Carbon isn’t a liquid or gas so how would that fit in a pipe?

at the begining of the game the o2 and the carbon was mad at the same plant

Perhaps this was alluding to a technology that could separate C and O2 from the carbon dioxide produced by residents. Regardless of the reasoning behind why they can be produced by the same plant, carbon is a solid and O2 is a gas.

Technically speaking carbon can be liquified through extreme pressure; it becomes a supercritical liquid. This state can only be maintained providing the pressure is maintained at, or beyond the ‘critical’ pressure point. Whilst, in the ‘real world’ it would not be practical to transport liquid carbon en masse, I think it could reasonably be considered for a future, alien game environment. I would certainly like to ‘liquid’ carbon transportable through pipes (one they’re fixed anyway!) :slight_smile:

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Wonderful points, I must agree!

Also @ZeroAlpha I do believe pipes have been fixed, there was a recent patch and they have been working fine locally since then for me! <3

Cheers @ncprate although, unfortunately my save (which had the pipe connectivity issue) won’t load now :slight_smile: Sent save file to Daniel so he can see what went wrong and hopefully work some magic!

In real technical terms, Carbon (just C) and CO2 have so much different. I’m sorry if I misunderstood you. I think the game is referring pure solid carbon instead of any form of CO2

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