Pipes and Buildings

Whether you place the pipe first or buildings first occasionally a building will refuse to connect to the pipe even though the connection is shown. The building next door connects fine.
I have re-layed the pipe and rebuilt the building but still the pipe refuses to connect.

i saw a post from 2022 about this, why is it not fixed yet?

Can you post a screenshot of your pipe connection problem?

The pipe connection issues from 2022 have been resolved a long time ago.
There are some issues with terrain height, where pipes wont connect because they are too far away from the buildings, vertical.

Hi, sorry i don’t but i will describe the situation.
The road turned out to be (what looked like) one height unit above ground level with an oxygen pipe beneath and a T road across the end at the same height. Two stem cell factories on that road. The factory at the end connected no problem, the second one in would not connect.
I removed the pipe and road first, then rebuilt the road one height unit lower and rebuilt the pipe. Put back same two factories and the same thing, the end one connected but the next one in refused. The buildings certainly looked to be the same height as the road.
I don’t have a screenshot because i rebuilt them elswhere in the end without screenshotting them.

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