Pipe connections to buildings erratic

When running pipelines, I am noticing that the initial run across buildings seems to always auto-connect correctly.

When adding extensions later there are two bugs:

  1. Sometimes the pipe extension will be created but the building it crosses will not connect. Saving and reloading the save seems to “create” the missing connections.

  2. Sometimes when running a pipe extension, the pipe will NOT be created but the steel will be consumed. Once in this state, creating pipes will not work until reloading.

As a result of these bugs, I am now in the habit of creating a save PRIOR to running new pipes so that I can reload if it does not work. This prevents a lot of steel from being destroyed.

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Confirmed here as well - along with the Methane Deposits disappearing on old saves once you resave them, pipe connections if removed then relayed are messy at best and don’t work most of the time.

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Yea, I am really looking forward to using the pipes, once they work. It saves a lot of traffic.

Right now though half the habitats I attach to the pipes for Oxygen and water fail to consistently get one or more resources. Buildings that were working, downgrade randomly. The pipelines show the wrong input / output values and those values change just from clicking on them, clicking off them, then clicking them again. I have an Oxygen line that goes from 6/6 to 48/36 to 12/12.

I am going to give it a few days and wait for the first pipe patch :slight_smile:

Saves so much traffic. I managed to get my little town to > 2000 without it getting traffic jammed and without having to spread it out over half the board.

Still, yeah, pipes buggy. Intermittent bugs of course so hard to pin down what’s happening.

Had the first two that the OP posted on top of that I’m having the tanks report weird figures for input output immediately after adding them to the network. Does seem to fix itself after awhile though.

Savefile with an issue where water is not being distributed, but oxygen is: Outpost Theta-3 2.sav

If you look at the water-air-filters near the habitats, you will see that they have water stored, but are not distributing it.

Looking at the JSON content in the file, I’m like 70% sure it might be because the game sees 3 different water pipe networks, rather than the 1 network that I would expect by looking in the game. (Line 40407 to 40457)

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Well I had very little traffic issues though I was hoping to use the new items to push my cities to their limits :slight_smile: Think I’ll do the same and wait for a few days and a few patches (I’ll still test after each patch and report back so we can get this fixed soon)

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the gas pipes are not connecting to building that need to made products

Just to add to this topic, sorry if this is not the way to do it. Yellow science requires methane, if you have a pipe system in place on the methane pumps, it won’t deliver with trucks anymore. But… Methane does not want to connect to the yellow science buildings, but weirdly water does… but the building does not require water…

I think my storage tanks for methane also has a leak… sometimes it’s full, sometimes it’s empty…

Hello everyone, just jumping in to say I appreciate all the details and uploaded saves in this thread, will be super helpful in fixing it!

Same here. I connected up methane drills to a couple of storage tanks, then connected the pipes up to yellow science, but the yellow science wouldn’t connect up to the pipes. Also, to make matters worse, the methane deposit I was drilling from dissapeared when I reloaded my save. All the methane I mined is in the tanks, and I don’t want it to go to waste.

Actually, released a small update for the most game breaking things now: Pipes Update Released! - #5 by Daniel

will deal with the other things during normal working hours in the coming week.

@Daniel This is why I love supporting good early release projects. I really appreciate you using your time off to roll out a hotfix so we can enjoy our time off playing your game. That is above and beyond.

I will give the hotfix a test drive and provide feedback ASAP.

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I just fired up the game I noticed one thing right off the bat. Pipes that I had laid previously were not working on all connections. Any building AFTER two pipes crossed resulted in buildings after the pipe intersection not getting the intended materials. I am specifically referring to a water pipe crossing an oxygen pipe.

When I reroute the pipes so that they never intersect, this seems to fix some of the issues. Obviously this needs a solution as it will not always be possible to create non intersecting routes for pipes when there are 3 different types.

it still dont connect to buildings that need methane and they are not deliver the gas to the buildings

Thanks for the save, your issue is here:

Those are not connected. I’ll think about how this happened and how to make it more user friendly.

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Experiencing a very similar issue also; all pipe types will no longer connect to existing pipe networks. May have to start a new world as my existing one has been built predicated upon piping all applicable resources to consuming buildings :slight_smile:

When connecting pipes to habitats and then removing them again, some habitats don’t get oxygen delivered anymore.

You can retrieve the save here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q_QSp_ULsEgw30IFdzHUOY1-ub3mGCx1/view?usp=sharing

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