Passage of colonists along the paths under the crowns of apple trees

It looks like there is a bug with apple trees textures…

I tried to show this graphically on the screenshot:

  • red circles - walkways under tree crowns; everything was fine before they grew up.
  • orange lines - as it seems to me, impassable textures are spreading.
  • yellow lines - the route of the colonists from points “X” on the road to the garden.

Also, I have a lot of messages in “Logger: General log” - “Null reference exeption”…

I hope you will eventually fix this bug :slight_smile:

It seems like this is just a bit too close together for the colonists.
If you send me your save file, I could check it out and see if I can change the tree collision object.

I noticed this when growing apple trees were introduced into the game, and thought of the effect as a good game feature. Something that evolves as the trees mature - its not a bug, but something that changes as the apple trees grow and logical when I thought about it.

As a seedling it only takes a small space, but as it matures it takes over a larger area.

The simple work-around is to just make your paths a little wider (2 squares+) and it will solve any growing pains :slight_smile:

Actually there are a number of small issues with building just a single width square path and should be avoided where you have regular traffic moving along it.