Party / Feast

(sorry for my language)
I dont undersatnd how organize à party or a feast.
I"m making drink beer and dance to my colons, but it doesnt valide the “life goal” of my carachter…
Can you help me?


Bonjour les gens, je n’arrive pas à valider le “but de vie” d’un de mes personnages: “organiser une fete”.
Meme en les faisant boire et en les faisant danser autour d’un feu, cela ne valide rien.
Pourriez vous m’aider svp?

Hi Linacos - welcome :slight_smile:

All you need for starting a party is to build a beer barrel and left click on the barrel, then click on ‘Start Party’.

You will also need to have:
100 coins
48 beer
48 food

An easy way to increase your colonists moods and can be lots of fun, most of the time :wink:

oh yes! i havent see this “option” on the barrel.

Merci beaucoup!
Thx a lot.


the problem for me is that when I click on the barrel, I can start a party and everyone is happy but it doesn’t make the wish realised !!

If I have 4 settlers asking for “organise a party”, I make the party happening but the 4 guys are still asking for it as a wish…


(sorry for my english)

Yes, how to start a party took me quite some time to figure out too.
I hope the game help will be improved on this, as many have problems figuring this out.

The party in itself is not enough for to make people happy, and to fulfil their wishes. That calculation happens when they actually drink beer during the party. (At least it is how I think it is calculated, I have not yet thrown enough parties to be sure.)

I had a party where the merchants was on the island; a bit unexpected the merchants joined the party and placed themselves in front of the beer barrel, drinking the beer while at the same time blocking the barrel, so no one else could drink, causing no happiness and no party wishes got fulfilled.

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Yes, having a party requires some ‘partying’ by everyone there, for them to get any benefit :partying_face:

Like many things within the game (stairways,doors,paths), one beer barrel is going to be a problem - 2 or 3 works better for me to stop any beer hogs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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