Ownership doesn’t matter?

I want to put all my storage furnitures in one separate building and have that act as a storage/warehouse storage, but the members are not taking that. They want it in their room to fulfill their wish.

Who wants dirty tools in their room?

Would we ever be able to assign multiple tools to one storage furniture?

What does it mean they want to own a room? I already gave room to the members!!

They want a personal room, only one bed in the room with a door separating it from other rooms. And Yes, they want stuff in their rooms to make them feel happy.

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Yes, and yes, what @Marcomer said.

Another user, neenmach, suggested that the tool racks should work based on ownership and not on rooms. Will do that if we have time before Alpha 8.

Why do you want to assign multiple tools to the furniture? Switchiting jobs?

Hi Daniel,

Multiple tools in one storage would be useful in the early game, when the colonists don’t have the ability to carry a weapon. They could store, for example, an axe and watering can in the same place.

Once the skill reaches 50, and you have a weapon, it’s could be useful for colonists who want to learn more than one skill.

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Yes, my villagers have to take on different hats during different season or situation. So switching tools for a villager to go from being a forester to a miner is tedious. Sometimes I even forget!!

It is not just convenient, but also realistic.

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I did do that. I expanded and gave everyone a room! The new villagers has the privilege of getting that right away! But almost every villagers I checked in with has the, “need a room” marked with an X.

I’ll check later and provide a picture if I’m still seeing it.

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I would like to have a separate room as an Armory. It would be stocked with Weapon Stands and Armor Stands for each colonist. Then, when the Tikigoblins attacked, all the colonists would gather there to get equipped for battle. Once the settlement gets large, it takes quite a while for the colonists to walk to their room to change into their gear to fight. Also, how about a “run mode”, so that when an attack is coming, your colonists can hurry to where their armor and weapons are… Once again, thanks to the Devs for this delightful game!


@ [Deputy_Dawg] … To get the colonist armed quickly when the Tiki attack … I placed all the weapon stands alone the outside wall of a building, on the side facing the direction from which the most attacks come … so when I click on the sword icon they all run to one spot and not to different rooms/houses … this makes it easer to select all and send them as a group against the Tiki

Hi Knightwish,

Think that Deputy_Dawgs issues were fixed with the Alpha 9 upgrade. Before you had to have a weapons rack and armour stand in your house (though without ownership requirements - Alpha 8 I think)

Agree with a local collection point, which aids in speeding up their gear changes :smile: Though sometimes I have a couple of them still get their gear from home when the houses are far apart.

Exaclty, that’s it!
It’s because of this report that I changed it for Alpha 9.

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