Overdue Feedback

Life got busy since Alpha 5.2, so giving feedback on a brief session in 5.7 to see what has changed.

Roads, particularly truck behavior, has improved a great deal which is nice to see. It was really rough in 5.2. Spacing things out for placement, especially when you’ve no sense of how big buildings are or how mines are going to attach to resource deposits, remains an issue. Nice that you can move buildings freely, and not sure when that got added. This may or may not be a weird fit for InfraSpace with freeform placement, but I think I still want to see a grid show up on the ground when I’m building roads and placing buildings even if there’s no grid snapping.

Really want to be able to orient a building’s road connection manually so I can designate which road a building uses when surrounded by multiple roads.

Roads suddenly curving and breaking building connections when I attach another road segment remains an issue. Maybe holding the ctrl or shift key to force a direct angle instead of curving. Might be in the game now, but Norton AV decided to start eating your program and it’s too late for me to deal.

I think my biggest complaints are the lack of tooltips on the build UI and production or consumption per time span information anywhere. It’s hard to figure out how I need to setup a production network without knowing what a building consumes or production cycle times, and waiting to see if supply eventually catches up with demand isn’t fun. Alpha issue, I know, but even an ugly tooltip with that info would smooth things out a great deal.

Also think having roads on the far right of the build UI is weird, since roads are the core feature of the game, as it were. Bottom right corner traditionally being a lower importance area for a UI. Build menu feels like it’s a bit of a jumble in general, which is also an Alpha issue.

Having carbon and oxygen coming from the same building but serving two entirely different industries is one of those oddities I’m not sure about. Theoretically allows better optimization puzzles. In practice, I just build more atmo processors to save on road and traffic issues.

Nice to see the graphic improvements.


I would also love to see a grid on the ground for placing roads and buildings. I also like the idea of forcing a direct angle for the roads or a curve if my city needs it. Lots of good ideas here.

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Thanks for the feedback, noted :slight_smile: