Other food requested

Hello everyone.
I have 2 questions please.

  1. I have 11 settlers. Will more come?
  2. I read the subject of the settlers who say the food is not suitable for them. But those who complain have no food preference! I also ask them to eat at the 2 displays.
    And I have all kinds of food in stock (about 20 of each).
    What can I do please?

Hi Einna :slight_smile:

  1. The maximum number of settlers is 13.

  2. A few food options:

If you hover over the Foundys ‘Expectations’ food needs (knife and fork) a message will display letting you know the food types they require.
A green box indicates everything is good and that she requires either kitchen food or baked goods for the box to stay green.
A brown or shaded box would indicate that they require some other foods to improve their lives.

Your Foundy can also be allergic to some food.
Check in the ‘Heart Icon’ under ‘Personality’ to look for an allergy.

Thank you very much for your quick response.
I am happy to hear that there will be 13 settlers.
The food problem was sorted out by forcing them to go to the various food displays.