Only female show up

Hey guys,

I only have females show up at the bonfire and no males. I had this in a previous save as well (10 colons), before alpha8, and thought it was just a coincidence. But now in my new save my first 3 new colons arrived are female as well.
I have one male from the start, so he is a lucky guy, but is this a bug that no males show up, or is it really a coincidence?

Just you, i suggest it’s a bug ^^

Try saving just before the bonfire spawns a new colonist, and keep reloading that save to get random new colonists and maybe it will change.

Being “random”, getting 100% female colonists is exactly as likely as any other combination, such as all male, 50/50 male to female, or 30/70.

Do you think it should be less random, and give at least 30% of each sex?

It’s the first time I hear this feedback, so I’m guessing it’s a coincidence :slight_smile:

Xaviien’s suggestion is pretty good: Save the game right before a new migrant arrives and see what the chances are.

Going to try that… I got 2 more colons yesterday and both are female as well… So let’s see if saving before works.
I don’t think it should be less random, but having 12 female arrivals devided over 2 different saves makes it feel like something is not going right :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah it’s actually hilarious that this happened to you!
You haven’t been messing around in the game files, have you? Set “newColonistPossibleGender = female, 1; male, 0” :laughing:

You will need to reload that save around 100 times to even get a decent chance to see how random it is. 1,000 would be better.
If you reload 100 times and only get 100 female colonists, send that save game to :rofl:
And me. Save a copy for me, too!


Why is it so hilarious that it happens to me?? Is it because I have boy in my nickname? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can relieve those @Weerwolfboy. For me it is the same. 6 girls. And i’m a Lady - lol


Back in Alpha 6 people complained there were no female colonists. Now there are too many.
Oh, how the tables have turned :joy:

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At the moment this is not a problem. I am leading an Amazonen colony. lol But should we be allowed to expect babies at some point, that would of course be a problem. After all, my colonists are not seahorses. lol


Haha no, I just meant its hilarious that it happened to someone!

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Best of all, one of those girls had my own first name and she was stupid. But I’ve stopped her now. She can learn now. Education is everything. Otherwise I would have had to rename it to the name of my neighbor lol


Here is a save 2 seconds before a new migrant appears.
I seem to be getting a very even mix of 1:1 male:female, so would be interested if you have the same experience @Weerwolfboy.

%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive\Founders Fortune\saves\Alpha 8.0.4

This happened to me in Crusader Kings II where I birthed 6 or 7 females (and you need men in that game to continue your lineage). Just goes to show that even in a game that’s been well-groomed and released years ago can have the same result, so it could just be luck.


Hi Xaviien,

Just wondering where the game files are stored on my computer? They don’t seem to be in the normal directory?

Also I’m looking to change the default immigrant names to something a little for colourful :slight_smile:

EDIT: “should have said the game program data files”

C:\Users\YOUR_SESSION_NAME\AppData\LocalLow\Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive\Founders Fortune\saves

Thanks for that JordanPANDA, but I already know where all the save files, snapshot, etc are.

I’m looking for the actual files that run the game - foundersfortune.exe and the like.

The desktop shortcut only takes you to steam://rungameid/1104330 which is a url.

I’m after data files so that I can change the immigrants names to something other than the default names - still making it random, but with a larger and more archaic name list - saving me from having to do it manually all the time.

The files are there somewhere, as I can play offline without any problems. Normally they would be in the ‘Program Files’ or "Program Files (x86)’ folders under either the company name or the game name…

Depends where you’ve installed steam/this game.

Open steam, library, right click Founders Fortune, properties, local files, view local files.

These instructions may not be 100%, but I have faith you’ll be able to find it based on that.

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Thanks Xaviien, must have gone past it a dozen times without seeing :smiley:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Founders Fortune

Though I missed the obvious and didn’t search for the exe file :flushed:

Cheers, and thanks again :sunglasses:

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Haha i thought it was 86, steam, steamapps, common, but didn’t want to steer you wrong.
Glad you found it anyway!