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How do I move furniture, after it is built - like the beds, or the campfire?

Hi @Headbash! Just drag it with your mouse.

We really should explain that better :smiley:

if you cant move a bed or campfire then it is in use even if the colonist isnt there yet as long as he plans on using it, its blocked from being moved.

edit: reminds me i had a Sofa i ended up deleting because i was moving the colonist but the sofa was blocked but no one was planning on sitting there so after a day it was still locked i deleted it, no choice left, could this have something to do with deleting the floortiles in the area ?

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Hm, shouldn’t have anything to do with floor tiles, but if it happens again, save the game and send it to me so I can check it out! :slight_smile:

I think you guys should. Tutorial was minimal and I had to basically learned everything from click here, click there–trial and errors. Took me three days to figure out what one of my colonist meant when he wishes for pessimist to be removed. It took me a good one hour to understand how to command a colonist to go greet a migrant. I thought I was going to be reading a great conversation, but boy that was, huh? Okay. Nothing. Let’s see–okay, I’m gonna move on to the trade. But this reminds me of how Breathe of The Wild starts. Nothing much. Exploring and more exploring, while hints are given to go here and to do that.

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Yeah that’s the objective i think of this game let the player find himself solution and try and try and try to get the best colony “i think”.

Features will come first and tutorial will come second. We realize that some more in-game tips and tutorials would be useful, but it’s just a question of how much time we have as 2 people developing it :slight_smile:

I guess the Sofa was occupied due to the following:
The colonist was eating when instructed to do something else, then the colonist immediately go for to carry out the order, it keep the Sofa occupied until the colonist finishes the meal, which first happens when getting hungry again, and thus the Sofa can be blocked for quite some time!

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Awesome, great observation!
That’s exactly what I needed to reproduce this issue!

Fixed in Alpha 8 :smiley:

i noticed after moving my researcher that for some reason she stopped doing the scrolls research by herself and now i have to tell her to read scrolls sometimes even twice when she is just standing in front of it doing nothing

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Hey, does this also happen after reloading? If so, you can send me the save file.

Hey all, I just bought into the game, after giving the game its free trial run. However I am still getting the message every few hours asking me if I would like to support the game.

Will this message go away after the game goes into its final stages or is there another download I should have recieved?


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Hi @Ericsbane welcome and thanks for the support!

You probably still have the free version installed and are launching it by mistake. Just uninstall the free version, launch the paid one instead and there are not going to be any messages anymore :slight_smile: