No Scroll Storage Self

My Scholar won’t read/create scroll!! I have a Scroll shelf and read somewhere I need a scroll storage shelf but I don’t have the option to build that. I have looked in storage options and can’t find anything. I do have two different options for the standard wooden self. I have furniture researched to level 3 and architecture to level 2.

Whenever I tried to direct my Scholar to read scroll, the message was “not enough resource.”

I am currently trying to research basic medicine. My Scholar has researched up to 30/32, but won’t do anything about the scroll. She has been mining crystal ever since then.

What can fix this?

Have you actually purchased any scrolls from the trader? You can always store up to 3 scrolls even without the shelf - that’s just to increase the storage capacity.

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Yea I was very confused for a while. After some digging, I just found out we need to buy the scroll and not make them. It’s working now. Thank you for replying.

Glad to hear you figured it out :slight_smile:

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