No right click on mac

I’m glad to finally see mac support for the game, but mac mouses often do not have a right button. From what I understand, apple replaced right clicking with “control clicking”, ie holding down control while clicking. This doesn’t seem to work in the game, and while it’s usually not a huge problem it makes it impossible to delete districts.

If control click could be added as a replacement for right clicking, or if right click could be manually set to something else, that’d help out a whole lot.

Hi king_lobster!
On my Mac with the Magic Mouse, you can right click with two fingers on the mouse. And on my trackpad, two finger click is also a right click

Apple has an article about it here
This is what the trackpad menu looks like on my MacBook Air:

Oh, neat! I’ll definitely have a look into that!

you can set it to secondary click by “Click Right Side”
I think the problem is with middle click which means i can’t rotate the camera with my mouse (i’m fine with using Q and E though)

Yeah, unfortunately there is no way to middle click with a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad.
I use Q and E even with a compatible external mouse since it’s next to WASD

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