No power going to buildings

I initially had 5k population with 5k electricity, everything was going fine. I had 4 nuclear power plants and lots of solar panels and wind Mills. Went to add in some crude oil mines and all my buildings came up with no power and my population started dropping fast. I started working on a different section to get my population back up and noticed my population is down to 100. I moved the nuclear power so it was right across from the uranium mines, tried deleting and re adding the power lines and wind mills and it’s still saying no power even though the power is coming up as 1659/5110. All my buildings are now saying “no workers in buildings” no matter how much I try to add in in manned electricity it still comes up as no power. My nuclear power won’t run due to no workers. Tried prioritising it as well as its required components but all it does is drop the population lower. I also tried deleting a bunch of buildings and the mines but nothing.

If you are lacking workers, the electricity goes down.
Please open the Production Overview, and reduce the blue sliders, to cut off workers from other areas.
The % value is the efficiency due to workers.
Cut off the Research first, then the building materials, then high level goods like vr-edutainment and home robots. if necessary, decrease the workers in the mines as well.

If your population is really down to 100, you have to decrease the workers for everything to zero, delete the power poles going to your city, and replace them with some wind mills. do the same for oxygen and water, so these buildings continue to run. this gives you more workers, so you can slowly increase production of the other goods.

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