No population, dead city no growth

i accidentally didn’t pause my game(or saved it) no there is virtually no people , i turned all the sliders to zero and only oxygen,water and food just up one notch, the income rate says green but population not growing. converted all power to wind also. it did grow a bit so i kept the sliders in yellow or whatever was the smallest but they ain’t coming.

mmm seems like sliding all the things to zero doesn’t help looks like you have to remove all the buildings so the population needed is yellow or green

“If you want the population to increase, you need to build a spaceport.”

already have one. pop have not increased even letting the game run for over an hour.had to delete virtually everything to get the available jobs down to the same as pop

“I couldn’t see a spaceport in the picture, that’s why I made such a recommendation. Has your issue been resolved now?”

yeah…breaking down all jobs is a must to recover

I think we’ve all been there.

i have found that when starting to keep the base population above the workers needed, the only need survival food stage and then letting most research finish first helps a lot

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In general you should always have more pop than jobs. Even in the hardest difficulty that’s possible and doesn’t even require any optimizations like proximity bonuses. If you suffer from mass downgrade, stop everything except the basic stuff and slowly add more advanced consumer goods until your habitats are satisfied. The start adding construction material and research again. Use the production sliders to adjust.

the sliders don’t do anything for requirements. required workers will still stay red even if you slide them to 0.

Yes that’s something that also bothers me whenever I’m caught in a death spiral like this. But the assignment works, just the display of total workers doesn’t change. It always shows how many workers you need to fill your factories at 100%. That’s a good hint by the way that reducing worker assignment with the production sliders is meant as a temporary measure :wink:

When I get caught in a death spiral, I like to isolate my cities from the spaceport(s). I’ll still let them have access to goods (home appliances, good food, etc) but no people.

That way, the buildings grow to level 6 without having people to drain the delivered resources. Then I let the people move in.

Good are used at different rates depending on the building. For example, The survival food requirement for a lower level house is much greater than that of a level 6 house.

aaaa so basically trapping them!